Have you ever been unclear about what to do next in leading your church? We have for sure. The local church is a vision-driven organization and intended to grow. It is also inherently complex to lead. Nothing is more important than having a clear picture of where you want to go and a plan to get there. Our dream is that every church that wants to grow has a living and renewable plan to double its Great Commission impact.

Who Are We?

Intentional Churches is a ministry created by church leaders, for church leaders. We are dedicated to helping churches reach and disciple more people for Christ. We offer strategic growth planning, life planning, and coaching to churches and leaders whose mission is reflective of Christ's Great Commission.

Growth Planning

Our Intentional Growth Planning is built on a process pioneered by Tom Paterson, a follower of Christ and Fortune 50 strategic planning guru. Our facilitators and coaches are licensed to use Tom's process and additionally trained and certified by IC to work with churches.

Planning Overview

Our planning process is broken into two overlapping phases: 1) Installation and 2) Coaching. The installation phase includes two full days with your team and a follow-up internal launch meeting. Coaching occurs weekly and is specifically structured to support the Growth Plan developed during the Installation phase.


  • "Intentional Churches completely changed the trajectory of The Crossing. When we hired I.C. we were considering some decisions that seemed right at the time, but would have taken us completely off mission. I.C. not only helped us identify those things, but then came alongside us to strategically go through a process that helped us to double in size. Not only did they help us with our longterm vision, but also with the short-term strategies that kept us growing even when we didn't have space. I.C. was worth every penny that we paid them and they continue to work with us to this day."

    Shane Philip

  • "I am grateful we chose to work with Intentional Churches and just brought them back for a second year. Our staff and lay leadership has reached a whole new level with their help! The clarity from the strategic planning process and ongoing coaching has built incredible momentum in our ministry. If you are serious about reaching people for Christ and maximizing your leadership, give them a call."

    Nate Schaus

  • "For a few years I knew that we needed a fresh direction, but I couldn't seem to get us moving. Last year Bart, Aaron and Mike at Intentional Churches began to help us and now we have direction and a process to help us keep moving in the direction the Lord has for us in the future. I am encouraged and excited about the future! I am especially grateful for the process they use which does not tell us what to do but helps guide us as we discover the right directions for our church. The guys are not pushy, they are godly men who are humble yet honest. I highly recommend Intentional Churches."

    Keith Evans

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